Jun 13, 2020 • 54M

TCL EP6 - The trio is back and this time with our special guest, Folu Okunade.

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Vije Vijendranath
My name is VIJEV and I do a podcast about my geeky brain trying to decipher the real world. I chat with a wide variety of people including my recurring tech enthusiast, Deepu Babu. We discuss our world impacted by technology and delve deep into our thoughts as we uncover influences and inventions that drive our innate human behaviour mixed with our love of retro sci-fi art.
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Something a little different this time. After the unjust death of George Floyd, the Black Lives Matter protests have highlighted the racial injustice the African Americans keep enduring and how it has taken the world by storm as it has also revealed the racial/colonial pasts in Europe as well. We wanted to ask ourselves why this is even still a thing? Why is there even a debate about racial justice and equality? So we invited our good friend, Folu Okunade, who provides his emotional and honest response to this injustice and the memories it brings back from his youth in Mississippi and Cape Town!