TCL - EP 20 - To err is human. To error is AI.

TCL - EP 20 - To err is human. To error is AI.

AGI is coming. Is Humanity ready?

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This is VIJEV and it’s time for another podcast. It’s our first, fashionably late one for 2023. We talk about the latest development in the world of AI. ChatGPT is all the rage. It has become a window into our souls. It’s the first time we can see a new form of AI, called AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) in action. It’s not just a tool created for specific things, e.g. autonomous cars. It’s intelligence that replicates the general human thoughts and knowledge that can assist us in whatever we need, from helping us with 10 ways to improve our content SEO to the creative realm of music and art. The more AI advances, the more we question its place in our world but more importantly, what becomes of us in an AI-dominated world?

If AI automates art and music, then what is the point of being human? Isn’t there a limit to making AI do everything?

The key to freeing humans from menial, repetitive jobs so that our minds may focus on higher-level, more creative challenges is automation. In light of this, we can go farther ahead and build interplanetary space travel, possibly even teleportation, with the arrival of quantum computing, AI, and human ingenuity working together.

AI will be essential in handling the fundamentals because humans are prone to making mistakes. The work will not generate the expected outcomes if it is repetitious and dull, and it will frequently be incorrect. The structure of our government serves as the best illustration. When money is typically "mismanaged" because it is succumbing to the most flawed and insidious of all human behaviours —greed. It can theoretically be entirely automated with no human intervention, such as in the case of tax collection and budget distribution.

The other effect, of course, is the abuse of AI to automate as much as possible which will completely rip the economic structures we are so used to. The LinkedIn post below clearly shows us what “AI outsourcing” is going to look like. Not since the advent of computing will we see such a monumental shift in the way we work. We are now questioning, what should humans do at all if AI does everything?

Let’s think bigger. Perhaps the idea of human existence should not be to just “do things”. Let work be taken care of and humans can live and experience things. How many great inventions and creations are we missing because there is a genius out there working every single day to make ends meet and having no time to work on anything creative? What if that person had time and invented faster-than-light travel or a cure for cancer?

Our transition will be painful. The way we work will feel like withdrawal symptoms. Therefore we need to prepare for the transition and not just plug AI immediately. AI and automation, in general, are inevitable but we can choose how we transition and get humans out of the work mindset and living in the experience mindset.

Have you transitioned yet?

My name is VIJEV and I do a podcast about my geeky brain trying to decipher the real world. I chat with a wide variety of people including my recurring tech enthusiast, Deepu Babu. We discuss our world impacted by technology and delve deep into our thoughts as we uncover influences and inventions that drive our innate human behaviour mixed with our love of retro sci-fi art.