TCL Episode 15 - The Big Reset

TCL Episode 15 - The Big Reset

Ctrl+Alt+Del the timeline.

Hey look! The universe is aligning itself to mock us.

Once upon a time, at a job interview many years ago, I was told I am not the “right fit” because I was not “desperate enough” for the job. Thank you for confirming that you prefer people to be in perpetual servitude instead of finding people who love what they do. That immediately revealed a system that wants you to have loans so you become indebted so you can stay at that job forced to overwork so you can pay off the loan. Why else is your credit score better when you SPEND more? Why is it they do not give loans to be people who have no previous debt? What a strange world. The system is designed to limit your choices. The only way to understand is to ask what choices do you really have? Right now? Can you really choose the life you want?

It has been over a year since the pandemic began and we just had our third wave. One of the central themes of discussions is how this is creating a reset scenario, often termed, The Great Reset, as we have discovered on the internet. The pandemic, however, did not reset anything but it did reveal to us that important aspects of our lives were not being prioritized, e.g. family, healthcare, or the future of education. Many of us privileged enough got to slow down, work from home and got to think about our current lives and ask, “What are we doing this for?”

“It’s all for progress!” the people would scream trying to maintain the invisible status quo and of course the very same ones that benefit from it. It is all a race with no finish line, so we keep running and we do not even stop to look around and perhaps take a breather to enjoy the view. The meaning of life has been skewed to fuel a never-ending appetite for greed. We are all tired of just being productivity robots. Even after the pandemic it only revealed our follies instead of solving them. The pandemic only accelerated what we were already doing. We are being told all of this is for the economy. Whose economy? The same system that will reject your business loan because of a technicality? The same system that will replace you within days if you’re too sick to work? The same system that has no face, built with the latest artificial intelligence, can recognize yours and automatically discriminate against you because you are of the wrong gender, race, age, or country? We are building a system that is progressively automating our existing problems like discrimination, inequality, our sense of identity but the most severe of all, it is regulating our ability to choose.

After the pandemic, we saw even more opportunism from charlatans who abused our trust and took advantage of our lack of understanding of a new viral outbreak. They sold us fear that spread farther and wider than the virus itself ever could, just to sell us more snake oil. Many people have profited illegally and it has only widened the gap between the rich and poor.

We are harming the earth (pollution and climate change).

We are harming those that we love (focused on the accumulation of money).

We are harming ourselves (work till you drop, who cares about your health?).

It is time to realign our thoughts and truly ask, what is the actual meaning of life? Why is it a race? What is the rush? It is time to re-evaluate what we have been doing all this time.

There is a silver lining in all this. It has made us aware of our world, our identity, our real needs, and goals that nourish the soul instead of bank accounts. For the first time, we are aware and the change is starting to accelerate. It was the disruption of the pandemic that forced me to let go and I discovered my artistic self. That being my love of geekery, science fiction, irreverent comedy, fantasy… but above all, my strength to tell stories of an outlandish, outrageous world, called Caldopia.

The real reset awaits - THE SELF RESET.

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