TCL - EP18 - Taking responsibility and coding in your 40s

TCL - EP18 - Taking responsibility and coding in your 40s

Working on your profession vs passion.

This is VIJEV.

I spoke with my longtime friend Mina Demian, who, in his 40s, found his calling in the field of coding after experiencing a personal renaissance.

We dig deep and talk about finding your passion or, in Mina's case, rediscovering the profession of coding that he once did when he was much younger. People who code are typically in their 20s and work in startups. Product development is typically linked with recent college grads. Therefore, carrying this out now required a shift in perspective and the courage to follow your heart instead of what society expects of you.

Is this podcast about coding? Well, yes and no. It’s not all binary. We talk about what it means to work at something you enjoy doing well enough to be financially independent, have the resources to live responsibly, and have the support system required to follow your hobbies.

The methods we use matter and do it with pride, in the open, and without condemnation.

Not to mention, laugh along the way through the journey of understanding yourself, no matter how bad those jokes might be, laughing through all the failures you experienced that were valuable lessons in making you the person you needed to be. Life teaches us whether we like it or not and it is our responsibility to learn and change ourselves for the better.

It is our job to be responsible and seek change in our own lives and it’s none of our business to change anyone else.

Mina Demian is a professional coder and a passionate musician. You can find his work here:

The Shibanski:




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