Jan 22, 2022 • 51M

TCL - EP17 - What can we expect in 2022?

Imagine the Squid Game in the Metaverse.

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Deepu Babu
Vije Vijendranath
My name is VIJEV and I do a podcast about my geeky brain trying to decipher the real world. I chat with a wide variety of people including my recurring tech enthusiast, Deepu Babu. We discuss our world impacted by technology and delve deep into our thoughts as we uncover influences and inventions that drive our innate human behaviour mixed with our love of retro sci-fi art.
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We are in 2022!

It’s a mixed masala as we discuss what to expect in the year. Well, mixed masala, because I watched Dune, a new movie based on the legendary Sci-Fi author, Frank Herbert, where a society fights over Spice, the universe’s most valuable resource and it’s the only time my mom agreed with any form of Sci-Fi plots.

We rock into the year with a mindset change. A change that adapts our thinking and behaviour to suit good living that nourishes the soul, not just our pockets.

If you have been hiding under a rock, you would know we are entering the new phase of tech buzzwordercution (no this doesn’t exist so don’t Google it) aka., The Metaverse. Techbros love punting buzzwords. It’s how they hype the world and get us to spend more money on concepts. It’s just like fashion. It’s a trend. Trends sell, so we’ve adapted around it. My mind is still on the blockchain but somehow we have more to deal with. Is it a fad or is it something we can be a part of?

And finally, who has watched Squid Game? A phenomenon that has taken the world by storm because it’s the era of Schadenfreude, more specifically - Schadenfreude entertainment. Now we’ve just made it scalable to everyone throughout the world with a click of a button. I can only imagine new forms of sporting experiences that combine Squid Game in the Metaverse. What a world. The possibilities are endless. Welcome to 2022.