Apr 8, 2021 • 37M

TCL EP13 What's an NFT anyway?

It's technically episode 1 of 2021

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Deepu Babu
Vije Vijendranath
My name is VIJEV and I do a podcast about my geeky brain trying to decipher the real world. I chat with a wide variety of people including my recurring tech enthusiast, Deepu Babu. We discuss our world impacted by technology and delve deep into our thoughts as we uncover influences and inventions that drive our innate human behaviour mixed with our love of retro sci-fi art.
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Our first podcast in 2021. Yes, it has been a while since being in lockdown. We have been somewhat underground realigning ourselves and here we are rising again from our digital nether regions. A newer look but the same zany content. During the lockdown, I took some drawing lessons and then one thing led to another. A few months later, here we are, drawings of Boris living his life in Caldopia. Yes, that’s the name of this parallel world. A fully alternative “digital” world that exists in another realm. This, of course, got me thinking! Another world on its own? Well with the advent of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and NTFs (Non-Fungible Token), whole new digital worlds can be created that people can take part in. I don’t mean just to play and passively “walk” around. No! This time, it’s about active participation where you can make a real living doing things you would do in the real world. Remember the game Second Life? Remember the movie “Ready Player One”? This time it could be very real and already feasible to run a “second life”, another you as a different avatar. You can get to choose who you want to be in this world. The real fun part is, everything, and I mean everything can be monetized because of NFTs. You can sell, buy, and trade anything digital. Again, not just texture clothing for your avatar but the digital history too.

Remember when Jack Dorsey’s first tweet was sold for $2.9 million. What might this be you ask? This is an example of buying a piece of internet history. We, as humans, always loved memorabilia, collecting cards, vintage cars, or even a piece of history (e.g. collecting a piece of grass surface at a stadium where your favourite sports player did the most amazing thing). You can now do this with the internet, like buying that first tweet ever tweeted. Perhaps the first version of Facebook that Mark Zuckerberg built while at Harvard. What about the first computer virus ever written? You could even buy a piece of the first digital damage ever created by a virus? In the future, these memories will be in museums. The possibilities are endless.

On our podcast, we discuss what NFTs are all about and what it means for all of us, maybe even for Boris?