We are not alone.
TCL - EP17 - What can we expect in 2022?Listen now (51 min) | Imagine the Squid Game in the Metaverse.
TCL Episode 15 - The Big ResetListen now (32 min) | Ctrl+Alt+Del the timeline.
TCL - Episode 16 - Let's get real about South Africa.Listen now (55 min) | We love to whine and dine in SA. Where's the problem solvers?
TCL - EP 20 - To err is human. To error is AI.Listen now (79 min) | AGI is coming. Is Humanity ready?
TCL EP13 What's an NFT anyway?Listen now (37 min) | It's technically episode 1 of 2021
Love thy neighbour that looks like thyself.
TCL EP12 - We get feelings about AI Emotions.Listen now (25 min) | Artwork by Longquenchen Our trio are back and we discuss if emotions are even a thing once AI begin to operate with independence…
TCL - EP18 - Taking responsibility and coding in your 40sListen now (96 min) | Working on your profession vs passion.
TCL EP14 Don't just watch movies, be in it.Listen now (43 min) | Christopher Nolan entered the chat.
Knock Knock. Who's there?
It's all about collective memories.