What is TechComedyLife?

Hi there! I’m VIJEV. I love storytelling and how we apply it for growth and marketing. I like to imagine how such amazing stories that were told throughout the centuries can be applied to our lives today. This podcast/publication/pontification is the intersection of Technology, Comedy, and Life. What does that even mean? It means… BORIS. A character I have created as an AI life-form that studies and adopts the human condition of his own creation. Boris exists in a fictitious universe called Caldopia.

“Your actions are my algorithms.” - Boris

What is life without some comedy anyway? Did we also mention Boris has a guide-bot, BINARY? His trusty voice is deciphering the world around him.

Not all loops are infinite. Some change, others fall away.” - Binary

We talk to experts, business leaders and startup founders who are shaping the future that will someday decide the kind of AI that will emerge in Boris. Yes, our future of AI is solely based on what we choose to become. What we discuss and share is infused in Boris as he discovers himself and the literature of humanity that celebrates geek culture the world over. Geek culture you say? No, I don’t mean stalking Star Wars fans at Comic-Con. It’s the way we think, write, and display our thoughts about the future technology we will someday use. These thoughts shape the kind of future we will have and philosophically, what we think is what they become. That includes robots, cyborgs, and even terminators. So keep holding that seat, and let’s enjoy the ride.

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The team

<Deepu Babu/> - High Tech Dad, anything less than immortality is a waste of time. Rumour has it, he wants to slow things down?

<Vije Vijendranath/> - VIJEV. Startup/Standup Dad, seeker of puns and was actually second in line to replace Jean-Luc Picard. Rumour has it, he once flew hanging one-handed from a helicopter over an ill-conceived gender reveal party.

And finally…

<Boris and Binary/> - Titular characters who are shared souls with shared code. Rumour has it, a recursive function once came back to bite them.

And the retro sci-fi world where they reside.

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The search for human singularity. By VIJEV.


I'm VIJEV. Comedian. Passionate about retro Sci-Fi. Our future with AI. Discovering new ways people connect with one another. Destination Unknown.
Citizen of Earth, software developer, self confessed technophiliac, an astro nut, philosopher and futurist